Cotswold Kinesiology



What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing in a highly efficient manner to evaluate and explore areas of dysfunction within the body. It is a holistic language of the body which allows self-healing.


When did it start?

The founder was Dr George H Goodheart (Dr of Chiropractic U.S.A.) who developed this system in 1964. Since then, extensive and ongoing research has been done to prove its efficacy in allowing the body to heal itself.


How can it benefit me?

Want a career or looking for a change?

Already a therapist?

Want to achieve lasting results for your clients?

Then incorporate Kinesiology with your holistic therapy/practice.






We are pleased to announce that our highly successful DIPLOMA COURSE will start again in April 2018 . The 6 month course, which takes place over 6 weekends, enables successful participants to qualify as Diplomates in Systematic Kinesiology. There is no intermediate course between our Foundation Course (over 4 weekends held once a month) and the Diploma Course as Cotswold Kinesiology prides itself on delivering the most current and relevant material that will free your potential to become a successful practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology. The tutoring is of a very high calibre and this is an A.S.K. (Association of Systematic Kinesiology) approved school.


You can join this course once you have completed any basic foundation course - please contact us to discuss your options.