Cotswold Kinesiology



What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing in a highly efficient manner to evaluate and explore areas of dysfunction within the body. It is a holistic language of the body which allows self-healing.


When did it start?

The founder was Dr George H Goodheart (Dr of Chiropractic U.S.A.) who developed this system in 1964. Since then, extensive and ongoing research has been done to prove its efficacy in allowing the body to heal itself.


How can it benefit me?

Want a career or looking for a change?

Already a therapist?

Want to achieve lasting results for your clients?

Then incorporate Kinesiology with your holistic therapy/practice.



Here are what some of our students have said about our Post Graduate courses :


This aptly named Simplified Bio-Chemistry Pathways Course does what it say it does! Gek-Bee has truly simplified the complex biochemical pathways - into easy to understand bite size information. What I really loved about the course was its pragmatic value - such that I literally went into my clinic and immediately began to use the material. Gek-Bee's style of imparting information is very clear, easy to follow, & everything is demonstrated. She has a wealth of information which she shares generously & has years of experience of treating and teaching. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone - even if they have studied parts of it before (as I had with other Instructors) as she brings it all alive with humour, clarity & ease.

Stephanie Mills - Surrey


I have had the pleasure of attending some of Gek-Bee's workshops in which she covered the body's bio-chemical pathways. Her ability to simplify an otherwise difficult to understand language of bio-chemistry is what makes her teaching so invaluable. I found her techniques and explanations easy to follow and of great assistance in my everyday work with clients. Her sharp wit and sense of humour helps to inject an element of fun into her courses.

Elma Murphy - Dublin



I was a bit worried before taking the biochemistry course, I thought some of the information would go over my head. I needn't have worried. Gek-Bee explained everything in language I could understand and with great humour and plenty of practical demonstrations. I highly recommend the course.

Mary - Essex



Gek-Bee's course is not to be missed if you want to start getting long-lasting results for your clients. It should be part of all current Kinesiology courses. Gek-Bee conducts a highly informative yet fun workshop in which she introduces us to ways of finding out what is really causing our clients' symptoms and how to deal with them effectively.

Sharon - London